Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sunsets and Moons

Have always been fascinated by the sunset. Something about the way the big red orange looks with the sky on fire and in its colors!
Have never been a fan of sunrise - not that I have seen many, but still - sunrise seems so much shorter and so less colorful.

And then of course theres always the rising moon - I could swear that it looks bigger in the US than it does in India - dunno if its because India is closer to the equator!
And then the sunsets in Bombay are better than any place in the world I have been - better than California too! - don't know if its the pollution but it truly is fun to watch the sun sink into the water in Bombay!
And A full-moon rising over water - truly truly enchanting experience.

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brijwhiz said...

My hypothesis is that the sunrise ends in a washed out sky while during sunset the colors becoming more and more narrow and defined as rest of the canvas changes to black.

Maybe that's why I really love black backgrounds;)