Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Black and White

Always wondered why the best photographs in museums and art exhibitions are in black and white.
I personally love BW pics - given a choice between the two.
But still - how come we (majority of the ppl I know) like BW pics more, despite the fact that we want everything in color!


Conal said...

I think in some ways - and possibly in answer to your question - while color is more "real", it detracts from the interplay of light and shadow that makes a b&w image so stunning.

Traditionally too, b&w film can capture a wider range of stops of light so you see a smoother transition of grays rather than abrupt changes.

B&W rocks !

brijwhiz said...

I think the most important reason why we like B&W photos is texture!!! Color photos never bring out the same feeling of texture. No wonder a naked bodies in color is porn while the same in B&W is art:) Nude photos in B&W really bring out the texture of various skins.

On the flip side i never trust B&W photos as they can hide a lot of details.