Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Thanks to Brian, who loaned me the first four volumes of Spawn ... ... ... Todd McFarlane's baby after he gave up on Marvel.

Am on volume 2 (issues 34-54) right now and so far it has been a mixed bag ...
the first volume was very nice, the second one good ... but the third one showcases too many religious/biblical angles - heaven vs. hell ... Armageddon etc. ...
lets see how this volume ends - I have a feeling the story will get tighter towards the end and make me want to pick up volume 4 :)

The art is superb ... albeit a tad dark at times .... I just love the red cape flying all over the place ... very batman-esque ... ... ... and of course there are usually bats next to him :D

but considering that these books were created in the early nineties ... pretty neat stuff I must admit.

image courtesy Wikipedia

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