Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jab We Met

Its been a while since we saw a movie twice in two days!

Jab We Met has been a very nice surprise - big thanks to Brij for pointing us in that direction (and D for pushing me towards it :) )

Personally I think this has to be the best work by Kareena Kapoor (Now I must admit that I have seen just two other movies of hers ... but still! She is very very impressive in the movie.)

Imtiaz Ali - haven't seen his other work but he's done a great job ... the movie could have been 15-20 minutes tighter towards the end ... but then thats nitpicking!

Preetam and Sandesh - superb music - again - its been a while since I've heard an entire soundtrack (minus the remixes of course) three times over ... and back to back! Now I'm not sure if these tunes are lifted/inspired etc. etc. - but they are really really nice to listen to ... and like someone pointed out - its a very interesting mix of song-genres - verry nice.
Shahid - I'm so happy that he does not do another junior SRK in this movie and has genuinely tried to bring out his own expressions and acting - good job.
Now if it would have been a very interesting twist if Anshuman turned out to be a goat ... or a fictitious character in Geet's head ... ergo she was not quite mentally sound in reality ... and so on ...
but then that wouldn't be a Punjab-loving Bollywood movie would it ;)
and speaking of Punjabi - its time I stopped trying and actually started learning the language - one of the sweetest languages to listen to - IMHO. D seconds the motion ...
and I digress as usual!
Watch the movie if you haven't already.
(Image courtesy Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Ltd)

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