Saturday, December 23, 2006

Zoom Zoom

All the power and still troubled by speed limits … frack!
The other day we were cruising in the TL (and I mean cruising) and cursing (that was me) at the horrible 65mph speed limit boards! And then it came to me …
for all of the speed enthusiasts, they should appoint one day in a year, one Sunday – when they can drive --as fast as they want--!
Think about it – all the pent up frustration of having a zippy car and not really being able to zip around – can be released – one Sunday in a year – that’s not too much to ask for … and we’ll learn to live by it like the daylight-saving time change date.

They could earmark certain critical sections as off-limits for emergency vehicles, airports, hospitals, buses etc. but all other freeways would be game for speeding – Insurance coverage would not be effective on that day or they could charge a super-surcharge for that one day.
If you don’t like driving fast, then don’t drive on that Sunday – stay home and watch TV, do the dishes, laundry or do whatever else that you do on most Sundays! simple.

That would be really cool me thinks … a brilliant idea … and Soumya did not say anything in protest either :) (which is saying a lot)
vrroom vrrrrroooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...


Arvind said...

Where have I heard this sentence?:

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!!


Charukesi said...

what a great idea! one day for mass murder - the great raving lunaics kill each other in a fit of vrrrrom?


Venky said...

@arvind - I belive it was spiderman my frnd ... and thats what I'm talking abt :)

@charu - like I said, its your choice ...