Thursday, November 09, 2006

the best Actor

This is always been a tough call where we grew up … India i.e. – if we were to go by popularity then it would be a close call between the ever-balding, Veerappan loving and “If you come today” crooning Rajkumar (that’s Dr. Rajkumar to a lot) and the rang-gaya-to-paisa-waapis, once a conductor (always a conductor … in buses i.e.), cigarette smoking, and tamilicizing every language Rajnikath (that’s Rajjini to many). Hey - lets not forget tathaiyya tathaiyaa Himmatwala, the haklya or running-over-people Khan and the rishte mein to Baap Big B.
OK Strike that … of all the above mentioned, Big B has always been the best … nevermind the Toofan’s, Ajooba’s or the recent abyssmal Mohabattein with Black and Karan johar sob storys! Amitabh was always one of the finest actors in India …
Of course when it really came to acting there was always Naseeruddin Shah, Anupam Kher and Kamal Hasan although the latter is kinda sliding down a self-obsessed patha – still that does not take away any credit from his acting talents.

But the point I am trying hard to get at(about time) is that I think (or "I feel" for some of u out there :P) that the best actor in modern Hindi cinema is Boman Irani. Yes u heard that right … he is by far the best actor in India … in the true sense of the word.

Have been watching a lot of cinema of late (and even before) and this chap has never ceased to impress. There was a brief period when Boman promised to disappear as the next comic Anupam Kher, but then he bounced back with a wonderful myriad of roles – positive, negative, funny, sad, evil, lively … the list goes on. For the uninitiated - Being Cyrus, Let’s talk, Khosla ka Ghosla are some of his not so popular films – but he has shined nevertheless.
Coming to think of it – that has always been a problem with Indians … and Indian Cinema – Brilliant movies like Main Azaad Hoon, Guna(Tamil), Aakrosh and many others - never make it big – and then “stars” have to come back to making the same run-of-the-mill tune mere baap ko maara main tera khooon pee jaoonga and two babes, which one to choose types stuff!

Still … in recent times, and even after Don, I have to say that Boman Irani is the best actor in India right now. u could not possibly agree more!


De-Silva said...

Long Live Dr. Raj!! May his soul still go Tik Tik Tik Tik Tik Tik.... :-) He's a legend...period!


Anonymous said...

Boman Irani is good, yes. But I would still rate Naseeruddin Shah as the best actor in Hindi cinema. If you talk about modern Indian cinema on the other hand, the prize would unequivocally go to Balayya.

Pallavi said...

Hilarious, the first part of your post... :) Coming to the subject, Boman Irani is indeed very versatile, he fits into the character so effortlessly...and shines! I read somewhere he is one of the very few method actors in Indian cinema...But I'd probably still keep the Best Actor Award(mainstream) for...Naseer Uncle, and Om Puri, and er...probably...Big B!