Monday, October 23, 2006

Memory Dump

Lots of things ... been wanting to say some for a while now ... in no specific order

1. Battlestar Galactica is one of the best TV series ever ... scratch that - it is THE BEST TV series ever! Now I'm not really a "TV" watcher but I generally get to see the good ones and this series tops it all. Have seen the first 4 episodes of the 3rd season and OMG these guys are more than awesome ... nuff said - go watch it.

2. Golmaal (2006) was a really funny movie. I don't remember the last time that I watched a movie 3 times in 3 weeks! Funny thing is that I missed a lot of one-liners the first time around ... caught them with subtitles - LOL

3. Vishal Shekhar are superb musicians ... I would watch out for the "theme" songs in each movie album - they kinda freak out on those songs. "Get into my car" from Dus and "Golmaal Theme" are my recent favorites.

4. I'm stuck at one point in Prince Of Persia - The Warrior Within, and its frustrating that the Dahaka gets me for no fault of mine ... have tried everything ... except one move - will try that ASAP!

5. Need to pick up my Guitar more often - last night I played "Aadat" by Jal for some time ... love the song ... and really easy chords too - Cm Bb A Bb ... nice

6. Zubeen Garg has a very nice voice and makes good music too. Music for "Strings - Bound by faith" is superb ... his vocals on other soundtracks too is neat.

7. Got myself a 300GB HDD ... feels odd to have 100GB free space :)

8. Helped build a Childrens playgroud last Friday - along with 60 odd colleagues from work ... was a lot of fun ... lot of engineering ... and even more hard-work ... proud of myself. Discovered a few things ... mixing cement by hand is a hard task, a pitch-fork picks up more mulch in each scoop than a shovel does!

9. I still can't understand Iron Maiden - heard their latest album three times ... and I can't remember even one tune - Sorry Dr. J - either they're awfully monotonous or I'm Iron Maiden deficient ... I think I know your answer!

10 . Pyaar Ke Side Effects is a very nice movie ... unconventional but extremely funny ... mostly observational humor ... nice. I really like Rahul Bose but for me to rate him out there I would like to see him carry off a "gaon walla" role ...

11. Don ... why why why Shah Rukh Khan? Did he steal Farhan Akhtar's favorite chair? And I met like 3 people who adore SRK ... seriously - WHO are his fans?

12. Batman - Child Of Dreams was a nice book. The first half was superb ... the second kinda failed to keep the tempo tight.

13. Wolverine remembers everything now. Oh wait I think I already wrote about that earlier.

14. Ramayan Reborn is actually set in 3392 A.D. - the first book was very tight - loved it - read it three times already ... can't wait fot the next issue - and they even threw in a 12" x 30" poster inside the book - SWEEEEEEEEEEEET.

15. I worked out 12 times in the last 4 weeks (I was on vacation for one) - not bad me thinks.

16. Have been ignoring Fruity Loops for a while now ... need to pick up on that - or stop talking about it!

17. Have been Orkutting for the past couple of weeks ... kinda responsible for the time away from the blog ... interesting to find more of us (old old agnelites) out there ... but don't have access to Orkut from work ... can't decide if that is good or bad!

18. I think I finally know how it feels to fall out of a friendship ... can't say if it is because of the fact that we became friends fairly recently ... still ... I thot we were good friends (still think so) ... still hurts a lot. Have been wanting to dedicate a long post for all my friends ... some of whom I know for 22 years now ... will definitely do so soon. Just know that I love all you folks out there.

***end of memory dump***


Charukesi said...

re. point 18, there is a lump in my eye and a tear in my throat *sniff*


brijwhiz said...

the 18 point is indeed quite worrying - you just putting a generic stmt out there???

Raoul said...

1: I do watch a lot of television, and don't think that Battlestar Galactica is the best tv series ever.

9: Well, I did warn you that AMoLaD is for veteran fans. I would recommend starting off on Maiden with 'The Best of the Beast', or 'Edward the Great'. Better still, I could provide you with a personalized Maiden starter kit (coming soon - please to watch this space).

Venky said...

@Charu ... the lumps and tears albeit misplaced, say it all ... what else can I say :)

@Brij - ntng to worry abt my frnd - mez still the same (and I dont know if thats good or bad ;) )

@Raoul - Abt Battlestar ... like I said someplace sometime - "One man's Salman Khan is anothers Satyajit Ray" ... :)
And as for an IM starter kit - I guess I will give that one last(est) try (but then if all bands needed a starter kit then that wouldn't be fun would it)

Sib said...

Venky, the movie "golmaal" is funny, in my opinion, only 'cos of Arshad Warsi, but the movie wasn't special for me, especially 'cos it was a straight lift of a fantastic malayalam movie, known as "Kakkakuyil".

It had Mohanlal starring in the lead role, and was directed by Pryadarshan...he makes really good movies in Malayalam, but somehow ends up making not-so-good copies of good malayalam movies in Hindi.

sanjay jha said...

hi venky,
thank you for mentioning my film 'strings'in your article,it makes me happy when music is appriciated...